About Us, Kwisoko Game Ranch Lusaka Zambia
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About Us

Kwisoko Game Ranch ... A Dream Come True

The Mwanakatwe’s bought the land they came to name Kwisoko Game Ranch in 2002. The game ranch is named after the village of Isoko in the Mbala District of the Northern Province Zambia, from whence hails the Mwanakatwe clan.

The past fifteen years have been a series of trials, tribulations, triumphs and many other mixed emotions. However, when all is said and done it has, ultimately, been a most exhilarating and fulfilling journey, during which we have come to learn much about our beautiful land, its animals and natural fauna.

Kwisoko Game Ranch is situated on the Chifwema Road off Leopards Hill Road in Lusaka East. To get there, one turns right off the Leopards Hill Road, to join Chifwema Road. This is a good tar road for 2km, after which it becomes a decent gravel road for another 5.7km. The game ranch is at the brow of a small hill with an immediate left-right turn and is well sign-posted with a large black gate and security post.

The game ranch is therefore in very close proximity to metropolitan Lusaka and one can get there within forty-five minutes from the CBD.

When we bought the land in 2002 it was well off the beaten track our frequent weekend visits to the farm were safari expeditions in themselves. The bush track that existed at the time took us well over an hour to negotiate, and our friends wondered why on earth we had elected to buy a farm far away in the bush!

Having lived in Europe for a decade and upon our returning home in 1995, we long yearned to find our own “piece of the African bush” where we could regularly immerse ourselves in the unique tranquility that can only be offered by the bush. After years of living in tiny University rooms and semi-detached houses with puny gardens, we felt that we had struck the motherlode when we found our land.

It wasn’t all roses from the outset, however. Apart from the challenge of road and perceived distance from our home in Kabulonga, we found the extent to which the land and fauna had been damaged, quite depressing. Trees had been severely damaged by the wanton felling of almost all the large trees by charcoal burners. Very few large trees remained and the remaining young and stunted trees were not representative of what was once pristine miyombo woodland where kudu, buffalo, lion and the like roamed wild and free as late as the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Just as the trees had been felled mercilessly, so too had the game animals been poached to near extinction. One would occasionally chance the odd duiker, grysbok and francolin, for example, but the land had been denuded of almost all game animals.

We quickly came to realise that the land was not at all suited to conventional farming. The undulating terrain was made up of sandy soils ill unsuited to commercial farming. On the upside, the terrain made for truly magnificent and quite breath-taking vistas of the surrounding land, and a simply stunning view of the Lusaka CBD, particularly at sunset.

And so the dream came about….. Why not develop a game ranch? If we could nurture the natural trees and fauna back to miyombo woodland that they used to be, perhaps we could re-introduce game animals on to the farm? And if both thrived, perhaps, one day, we could even open a commercial game ranching operation open to the public. We decided “Let’s go for it!” That was fifteen years ago….

In the intervening years, we constructed a 10km game fence, made good gravel roads, introduced numerous animal watering holes, cleared selected parts of the ranch to create a savanna-like plains, made special paddocks for particular animals, etc. We also started purchasing game animals, mostly from fellow private game ranches and slowly began to establish a reasonable variety of game animal species.

We now have a diverse range of game animals that includes giraffe, buffalo, eland, zebra, hartebeest, kafue lechwe, waterbuck, kudu, impala, puku, sable, bushbuck, spotted indian deer, duiker, grysbok, ostrich, etc.

Experience up-close encounters with the beautiful wildlife. Our diverse range of game animals includes giraffe, zebra, buffalo, ostrich, sable, hartebeest, Kafue lechwe and impala.  

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